We work across two digital platforms; the Web and Mobile Web.

Desktop and Mobile Devices


1. Define

We work to understand your motivations, audiences and goals. This also means knowing the right questions to ask, while offering our guidance to make you and your project shine.

Once we have a clear picture of what you need and want, it's time to give the project shape. Each of our projects receives a well-defined statement of work. No guessing games about what gets delivered.

2. Design

E-commerce has different design requirements than a social networking site. A web application requires different user interface considerations than the UI for a mobile app. We consider the platform, audience and personality of your company throughout our design process.

We believe in client inclusion, so we setup creative and developmental milestones for client input and buy-in. Because we check-in at key phases throughout our projects, you'll know what you're getting and be satisfied upon delivery.

3. Build

When it comes time to code a project most clients don't want to see behind the curtain. For our web projects, we'll make sure that we set you up for SEO success, high-performance delivery, streamlined and understandable code.

Additionally, we take pride in meeting our deadlines. If changes occur that impact a date you'll know moments after we do.

4. Report

We work with you to establish a baseline report and then your key performance indicators (KPI). Since we are results focused, our KPIs tend to be centered around actions and transactions. You might track the number of social engagements or the number of transactions that Design A conducted compared to Design B.

Analytics are key to gauging the performance of your efforts and provide concrete data that can drive data-based decisions to improve performance across all platforms.

Services List

Trying to do too much usually ends up in producing too little. Our services are focused on offering what you need to successfully build, launch, promote, and track your results.This certainly requires a wide breadth of skills and application, but we focus our attention on perfecting the fundamentals and exploring emerging technology. We do our best to shed anything that fits into the “Oh yeah, we do that too” category.

Development Description
HTML / CSS HTML 4 - 5. CSS 2 - 3. Cross browser compatible and built for SEO.
Conceptual Design Complete design of theme, images, and identity.
Interface Development User interace for web and mobile apps.
E-Commerce From Magento to Shopify, we have years of e-commerce know-how.
Photography Original product/image photography with full and mobile studio.
PSD to HTML Slice your Photoshop files and convert to working HTML and CSS.
Coding PHP, Ruby, Objective C, JavaScript

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Marketing Description
Permission Marketing Email newsletters, mailing lists, and subscription development.
Social Engagement Develop deep value for your audiences across social networks.
Communication Plans We spread your messages, positioning and responses across the Web.
Ad Plans Discover sites, blogs, and networks with the highest concentration of active listeners for your product and/or service.

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Reporting Description
Site Analysis Package setup (Javascript and log-based), baseline audit/interpretation/recommendation, bi-weekly or monthly reporting.
Campaign Analysis Track ad performance, cost per visitor, cost per conversion and cost per action. Mid-campaign recommendations.
Social Monitoring Topic monitoring, engagement alerts and response across social networks, Conversation Analysis.

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