Shona Birds Carving Shona Birds Carving Shona Birds Carving


  • Work Example: Campaign Strategy

    We had the chance to pitch a major retailer. They desired to promote commodity household products to a very wide and disparate audience. The products were sold in case loads and required pickup at their retail outlets.

    Their problem was figuring out how to bring such a loosely connected audience together to receive their message and take advantage of their low cost bulk products. The question became how do we capture audience segments ranging from arts and crafts enthusiasts to restaurateurs?

    After going through the exercise of assembling an online media plan we realized that we were targeting an audience that would require multiple messages and a six figure campaign that might not yield the concentrated traffic needed. We quickly turned our attention from interruption and chance marketing to figuring out what value we could provide to such a large audience.

    Example #1 Campaign Brief (90KB PDF)
    Example #2 Campaign Pitch (1MB PDF)

  • "Jason is detailed, he misses nothing. He listens attentively, follows through on what you ask of him, and will offer advice on how to make your job more productive. Jason is an absolute professional that pours his heart into projects, and with my company, he has helped us have a more business-like look while keeping everyone happy."

    - Raven Hays, Marketing Manager, Blauer Tactical Systems

  • "Jason Scott at Improvise is truly talented with his creativity and his marketing skills. He goes above and beyond the call of duty to explain how things work and what will work best for you and your company. He thinks of your interest first and not his own. I would very much recommend Jason and the Improvise agency to anyone who is looking for fresh new ideas."

    - Robin Kinsey, Vice President of IT Sales & Service, Office Logic Inc.

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Share the basic info and then in an elevator pitch style, tell us what you do and why/how you need help. Don't feel bad if you don't know exactly what you need or your pitch isn't tweaked, we're not judging. This is simply a starting point.

The Great Masvingo Ruins in the Masvingo Province of Zimbabwe.
Shona birds carved from opal stone by artist Peter Chidzonga. Image used with permission from Meyave Gallery, Newport Beach, CA

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